A Facebook Messenger Bot is an artificial intelligence program that uses artificial intelligence to converse using text or voice in Facebook applications. Basically, a bot is a piece of automatically programmed artificial messaging software that utilizes AI to converse automatically with humans. Chat bots are typically programmed to know common questions, give quick answers, and perform specific actions. However, there is also another use for a Facebook Messenger Bot: as a simple form of automation in your Facebook business activities. Here are some of the ways it can help you streamline your work.

facebook messenger bot

One obvious use of a Facebook messenger bot is as a tool for conversational marketing. Basically, a bot is simply a computer program that you install on your own Facebook profile. These bots have preconfigured conversations that are appropriate to the type of products and services you offer. In fact, if you have a product for sale in Canada, for example, you can have your chat Bots replace the standard message box with a generic, conversational-style inquiry form that allows you to specify the type of inquiry and provide generic responses. This gives you the ability to interact with potential and existing customers and convert more of them into buying customers.

You can also use facebook messenger bots to contact businesses that you do not actually represent or deal with directly. These businesses can offer you significant benefits since your brand will be seen by a wide variety of contacts. For example, bot marketers often use bots to solicit information from businesses and prospects about specific products, as well as maintain contact lists of businesses that they work with. These businesses will, in turn, give you access to their contacts and possibly even develop new relationships. All of this leads to a win-win situation for you and the businesses you represent.

As you can see, there are many ways that Bot companies can benefit your business. To begin with, having a Facebook messenger Bot is convenient since you do not need to hire a team of representatives to represent your business at events. Your representatives can simply be Facebook messenger Bot users, and the Bot will handle all of the work for you, providing excellent customer support and valuable business referrals. Also, you will not have to spend additional resources such as money on telemarketing efforts or having to buy promotional ads. Bots will work for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and will never miss a customer’s request for a service. That means no calls late at night or on weekends, no angry phone calls from a customer that was not happy with your service, and no cold calls to your office.

There are manychat programs that are available for Facebook that automate many of the activities that your customers might perform on Facebook. Manychat offers a number of different analytics tracking options, including the ability to track clicks and in-page interactions through their statistics options. Bot users also have the option of accessing and viewing statistics from third-party services like Google Analytics. With manychat and Facebook integration, you can get more insight into how your Facebook traffic is being received and used by the community.

Facebook chat bots make it easy for businesses to take advantage of many of the features offered by Facebook, without needing to create separate pages for each business. You can make group pages for specific types of businesses, whether it is sports, alternative, or Christian based. The chatbot can even offer promotions and discounts that Facebook visitors might be interested in. With integration to many of the most popular bookmarking sites and plugins for Facebook, bots can quickly connect businesses with the communities they want to be part of.

Bot use bots have the same potential impact on businesses as Facebook users themselves. When a customer uses Bot in chat, they are creating a channel of interaction that cannot be ignored. This channel can be used to provide valuable feedback about your products and services as well as suggestions for future purchases. The bots can help you convert your prospects to customers, if you properly message them and offer incentives for doing so. Businesses can use bot messaging to encourage feedback within their own company. With the right plugins installed and an option for the bot user to opt-in to receive information about sales or product updates, businesses can use chat bots for viral marketing efforts.

Today, there are over four million Facebook Messenger users worldwide, with several billions more coming online in the next few months. Bots can provide significant advantages to businesses, especially those who have yet to tap into the social media revolution. Using chat bots for live chat can help you connect with millions of people from around the world, with little effort on your behalf.

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