For centuries people have been aware of the beneficial aspects of Dead Sea Salt baths and salts. These bath salts are used for various purposes like improving your skin tone and moisturizing your body. As these are natural and organic, it is not known to have any side effects. However, many people do claim that there are some problems associated with the Dead Sea salt bath salt. In this article I want to outline the common problems with the Dead Sea Salt Baths and what you can do about them.

dead sea salt bath salt

One of the problems with the Dead Sea bath salt that has been reported over time is that it causes some changes in the skin texture. The most common problem with this bath salt is that some individuals notice that their dead sea salt creates dry patches on the skin that have a rough feel to them. This is because some of the minerals in the water are stripped away by the skin. Also if a person uses this bath salt on a regular basis, they may notice that the skin feels tight and dry and this is caused by the loss of some of the essential minerals from the skin. The common salt is composed of different minerals, salts, or other elements which all contribute to its therapeutic value and effectiveness.

Another problem with the Dead Sea Salt is that it contains a high amount of sodium. It is true that sodium is found in very small levels in the Dead Sea Salt Bath Water, but the level of sodium that is present is way above what is considered safe for anyone to use in a bath water container. Sodium is known to cause high blood pressure and can also cause problems with the kidney and can increase the risk of a heart attack. Also sodium can increase cholesterol levels. Therefore, if you are using Dead Sea Salt in your bath water, you are risking your health.

Many people believe that using Dead Sea Salt in warm water will help stimulate the body or alleviate muscle pain or stress. It is true that this type of salt can help with some of these ailments, but there is no scientific evidence that supports this claim. Additionally many individuals report that they did not feel any different after they used bath salts in the warm water. If you think that this is a viable benefit of using Dead Sea Salt, you would be better served taking a non-iodized salt such as sea salt or Celtic salt which has been shown to have health beneficial properties.

As far as the benefits of Dead Sea Salt for stress relief go, there are many. It can be used in spas and salons all over the world for a variety of treatments and to assist in relaxation. In fact one of the most famous spas in the world is located right in New York and is called spa Manhattan. Here you will find dead sea salt and other essential oils that are combined with other natural products to create an entire relaxing experience. If you do a search on the Internet for “spa Manhattan” you will find a full list of locations and a description of what they offer.

Of course there are many ways that you can use Dead Sea salts for stress relief. The above are just two of the many ways that you can enjoy the unique properties of sea salts. As always be sure that you do your research and always talk to your doctor before starting a new treatment. Remember if you are pregnant or nursing you should also avoid any type of bath salt that contains magnesium as it can cause negative effects. Always make sure that you have a balanced diet as well when you are treating yourself to one of these amazing benefits of Dead Sea salts.

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